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Printed electronics for food and drink

Campden BRI, the largest food and drink research centre in the UK will stage its "Active and Intelligent Packaging " third international conference at its premises in Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire on Wednesday 1 April and Thursday 2 April followed by an optional Masterclass on Printed Electronics by IDTechEx on 3 April. The target audience is technical and marketing personnel from the packaging, food manufacturing, retail and machinery related industries.
Presentations at the conference will include active and intelligent packaging with emphasis on electronic and electrical features in future packaging, RFID for challenging packaging materials and products, pathogen detection, novel smart labels and information and communication technologies, intelligent indicators for food packaging, time temperature indicators, anti-counterfeiting features and consumer perceptions of active and intelligent packaging.
Current and future European regulations for active and intelligent packaging will be covered and solutions that may become forms of printed electronics. Other presentations will include the potential for migration from active and intelligent packaging materials, advanced materials for shelf life extension and odour control, encapsulated aroma release technologies, smart packaging solutions for food waste reduction.
The event will be reported in Printed Electronics World.

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Posted on: January 15, 2009

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