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What we need from printed electronics - feedback from end users

At the annual IDTechEx Printed Electronics Europe 2009 conference and exhibition, IDTechEx will uniquely feature a range of end user companies discussing their needs from printed electronics. These companies will come from a range of different industries, covering advertising and media, healthcare, toys, consumer packaged goods and consumer electronics. For example, the car maker Fiat will talk about its requirements for photovoltaics and displays for cars. SBf Spezialleuchten Wurzen, which manufactures lighting systems for trains and other vehicles, will discuss their needs for Organic LED lighting.
In transit, Paris RATP, the Paris Transport authority, will discuss their requirements of the technology for ticketing applications, alongside Cubic Corporation, one of the world's largest transit system integrators in the world. The Chief Game Developer of Ravensburger Spieleverlag, the gaming company with sales of over €280 million, will discuss the requirements of printed electronics in the game sector, and secure ID supplier Bundesdruckerei discusses prospects for displays in cards.
In healthcare the Brand Manager at Medixine, a healthcare service company, discusses the application of printed electronics to healthcare and CSEM looks at wearable, printed body sensors. In the field of stretchable, flexible and wearable electronics, companies such as Interactive Wear, TEXSYS, Sefar and Philips Applied Technologies talk of latest progress and applications.
DB Schenker, which manages all the logistics for the €18 Billion Deutsche Bahn, discuss their case study of using wireless sensors and the US space agency NASA, discuss their needs for printed electronics in space - offering lightweight, robust devices.
These are just some of the end user companies presenting at Printed Electronics Europe which takes place in Dresden, Germany on 7th - 8th April. In addition to a full day dedicated to end users covering "What we need from printed electronics", hear the latest technologies from companies such as Samsung, Sony, Konarka, Kovio and many others, covering topics from displays to energy harvesting and printed inorganic and organic electronics to smart substrates.
By mid-January attendees from 18 countries have already registered for the event - from China, Korea and Japan to Canada, Australia and the US, and of course most European countries. Attendees can view the online attendee list and start networking immediately.
Register early for the best savings to join Europe's largest conference and exhibition on the topic - dedicated to covering the application and technologies of printed electronics. See for details.

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Posted on: January 20, 2009

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