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IDTechEx Graphene Show: Commercially-Focused and Analyst Driven

IDTechEx is hosting its global business-focused Graphene and 2D Materials event in Berlin on 11-12 April 2018. Our website provides information on the details of the upcoming programme.
In this short article, we would like to convince you as to why our long-standing event uniquely stands out in a scene that is becoming increasingly crowded with other graphene events.
This event distinguishes itself on the following dimensions: (1) commercial focus, (2) co-location, (3) analyst-driven and (4) pedigree. We will explain each in more detail below.
Commercially focused
Many graphene conferences have traditionally been, and continue to be, largely academic or research forums. They cater to the large global research community working on the cutting-edge of the research. The talks are often narrowly but deeply focused on a given scientific advancement that often have no relevance to the commercial world. The exhibition, if there is one, are often populated with companies selling high-priced low-volume samples or scientific measurement equipment. If you interest is purely academic then these events, of which they are many, is appropriate for you.
Our event is however different: it is commercially focused. Our event is a forum for companies and innovators who develop technologies, prototypes, and products that have a clear commercial relevance. This is the event that has for years help graphene transition from its R&D to its commercialized phase.
Our events are thus for those who wish to learn about the latest business and commercially-relevant innovation trends, for those who need to bring their research efforts into the market, for those who seek to establish business connections, and for those who need to use graphene in their products.
Co-location with target markets
Most other graphene events are pure graphene conferences or exhibitions. More often than not, graphene researchers gather to showcase results that invariably suggest that graphene is a revolutionary material in every possible application.
These discussions however occur in isolation from the commercial world, thus failing to recognize that graphene is often a solution amongst many and in most cases is in fact substitute. These conferences therefore do not provide a mechanism for benchmarking graphene-based solutions in their proper commercial setting.
Furthermore, in graphene-only conferences, there is often limited opportunity to reach out to end-user communities across their target market. Consequently, as a result of their positioning, such events cannot participate in the process of graphene commercialization.
Our event is again different: it is co-located with end user markets. Our set-up places our graphene events alongside our other conferences and exhibitions on multiple leading graphene end-use markets: printed electronics, electronic textiles, energy storage, 3D printing, sensors, and more.
Each of these conferences brings its own business-focused community. This has many useful benefits: attendees can see graphene in its real commercial context next to other competing solutions, suppliers can find partners and final consumers across multiple markets, end users can evaluate different graphene types/suppliers as well as other solutions, and so on. Our event is therefore positioned to cater for the transition of graphene from its academic to commercialisation phase.
Analyst driven and pedigree
Most graphene events are run like classic academic conferences: an academic committee invites leading academics and accepts or rejects contributed talks based on perceived scientific merit. This is a successful model but intrinsically keeps the focus academic.
Our event is however different: it is analyst driven. Our analysts constantly monitor the latest business and commercially-relevant innovations worldwide. They extensively network with companies and innovators globally. They use their market expertise and insight to identify and invite the leading players to establish our agenda. This approach intrinsically links us to the commercialisation community and thus keeps our event commercially focused.
The event scene for graphene is increasingly crowded. There are many events now cluttering the calendars. This can make it difficult to decide which event to attend. Many such events (not all by any means) are new stand-alone events with at best nascent links with the community.
Our event in contrast has been running for the past 6 years. Each year we have organised the leading business-focused conference in Europe and North America. In this time almost every graphene player, innovator and end user has attended, lectured or exhibited at our events. This has helped establish our event as the must-go conference and exhibitios for those focused on or interested in commercialization.
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Posted on: March 29, 2018

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