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Webinar Thursday 12 July - Gas Sensors for Internet of Things

Webinar Title: Gas Sensors for Internet of Things
Date: Thursday 12 July
Presenter: Dr Luyun Jiang, Technology Analyst, IDTechEx
Space is limited - reserve your seat today!
Gas sensors provide information on air quality and guide people to take appropriate action at the right place and time. With the rapid development of miniaturisation techniques and internet connectivity, the low cost, ultra-low power and ultra-small gas sensor will find numerous applications in the Internet of Things (IoT).
IDTechEx predicts a significant growth of gas sensors market in the coming years and the market value will reach $3 billion in 2028. Most of the expansion will come from the IoT applications, such as smart city, smart home and personal devices. Because each market segment focuses on varying requirements, how to choose proper gas sensors for specific applications is crucial.
This webinar, based on the new IDTechEx report Environmental Gas Sensors 2018-2028, will provide:
  • An introduction to gas sensors
  • Pros and cons of main detection principles
  • A summary of the miniaturisation of gas sensors
  • Porter's five force analysis of gas sensor manufacturing
  • The Emerging markets in the Internet of Things for miniaturised gas sensor including Smart City, Smart Home, Personal devices and Connected car
  • Conclusion and 10-year forecast
NEW! We will be holding exactly the same webinar three times in one day. Please register for whichever session is most convenient for you.
Date: Thursday 12 July
Duration: 25 minutes
Webinar #1: Asia-Pacific
9:00am (GMT+8) Singapore, Taipei, Beijing
9:00am (GMT+8) Australian Western Standard Time
10:00am (GMT+9) Tokyo, Seoul
10:30am (GMT+9.30) Australian Central Time
11:00am (GMT+10) Australian Eastern Time
1:00pm (GMT+12) Auckland, New Zealand
Webinar #2: Europe
10:00am (GMT+1) London
11:00am (GMT+2) Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome
12:00noon (GMT+3) Athens, Jerusalem
Webinar #3: Americas
9:00am (Pacific Time PT) USA & Canada
10:00am (Mountain MST) USA & Canada
11:00am (Central CST) USA & Canada
12:00noon (Eastern EST) USA & Canada
5:00pm (GMT+1) London
UK: +44 (0)1223 812300
US: +1 617 577 7890

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