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The graphene community gathers in California

The graphene community will gather in California on November 14 & 15 to attend the largest business-focused conference and exhibition on Graphene and 2D Materials which takes place in Santa Clara. This event is part of the IDTechEx Show! which brings together more than 3500 business attendees and 270 exhibitors to focus on emerging technologies such as graphene and 2D materials, advanced energy storage technologies, 3D printing, printed and flexible electronics, wearables and e-textiles, IoT and electric vehicles. Our attendees will have access to all these parallel conferences and to the joint exhibition floor.
Here we provide a brief overview of our speaker line-up so far, explaining why you should attend. Note that our graphene event is different from all others in the world: (1) it is business focused, covering commercial companies or innovators focusing on solving an industry challenge; (2) it is analyst driven meaning that our experts invite only the most interesting players each year to speak; and (3) it is co-located. The latter point is critical because we put graphene and 2D materials in their right competitive environment, enabling these materials to be benchmarked against competing solutions and allowing the graphene community to closely link with the value chain of end user markets such as energy storage, printed electronics, wearable technology and electric vehicles.
  • The market view: IDTechEx Research analysts will first provide their annual market update, considering the latest progress in the global commercialization of graphene, 2D materials and carbon nanotubes. This is one of the best attended talks each year as our experts talk about the latest trends in sales, price evolutions, capacity expansions, application uptakes and so on. This is a must-attend talk if you want to learn about the past, present and the future of the industry.
  • Capacity expansion: The graphene industry is still in the capacity expansion mode. This is essential to participate in the real qualification for volume markets. It is also essential to eventually cut price and help consolidate the market. In our conference you will hear from two key players with notable existing or upcoming capacity: GGG (Angstron Materials) will talk about their latest progress and NanoXplore will discuss their plan to take the scale and cost of graphene production to the next level.
  • Hype vs reality: There has been much confusion in the market about the real potential of graphene. Indeed, in past years, the community has fanned the flames of hype, proclaiming graphene as a revolutionary material in countless applications. At this conference, you will hear a real end user point of view. Here, BASF will present a realistic end-user view, helping dispel common misconception about the potential whilst shedding light on where graphene can actually deliver value. The Graphene Council will present their latest survey driven findings on the adoption of graphene in various plastic and composite applications.
  • Graphene in rubber applications: Also presenting is one of the earliest industry pioneers: XG Sciences. Two years ago, they presented jointly with Ford and this year they will discuss the use of graphene in rubbers jointly with a major golf equipment producer: Callaway.
  • Graphene and carbon black: You will hear from two of the largest carbon black producers in the world: Cabot and Birla Carbon. Both firms have been working on graphene for years and are close to real applications. This is an interesting development because graphene, in many ways, seeks to replace or complement carbon black. As such, both companies will bring excellent technical know-how and customer insight to the graphene world.
  • CVD graphene in biosensors: The vast majority of graphene companies focus on graphene platelets. However, CVD graphene films have already found a commercial use thanks to their highly sensitive large-area surfaces. Indeed, Nanomedical Diagnostics can already consistently grow CVD films, functionalize them and integrate, in a foundry, with electronic chips, thus creating various biosensors. At our conference, you will learn about the latest progress on this front.
  • Graphene as a thermal interface material (TIM): TIMs are used in many electronics applications and the need for them is only increasing as high-temperature and/or high-power electronics grow thanks to electric vehicles, smart grids, autonomous vehicles and so on. Graphene, of course, has excellent thermal properties and therefore shows great potential as a thermal interface material. GraphMa Tech AB will tell us about the use of graphene in TIMs.
  • Graphene as a coolant material: Cooling is a perennial challenge whose magnitude is only growing with the advent of smart grid and electric vehicles. Graphene shows promise as a coolant material. At this conference you will hear from FlexeGraph who will show their latest results, arguing that graphene outperforms other coolant additives including other nanomaterials whilst overcoming sedimentation and shelf life issues and without significantly affecting viscosity. This promises to be a talk on a topic that is rarely discussed in the graphene community but could turn out to be a major application.
  • Graphene in wearable devices and textiles: Graphene has many attributes that help deliver value in the wearable industry: it can be an excellent sensor, it can be a good thermal conductor, it can be a textile interconnect, and so on. One company developing a wearable graphene thermal sensor together with electronics and read-out apps is Bonbouton. At our conference, you will hear about their concept and their commercialization progress so far.
We will also hear from Huafeng who will present 'Graphene/GO Doped HAPTIC 3D Coatings For Textile Applications'. They will show graphene and GO doped polymer coatings that can be 3D printed onto high performance athletic footwear and sport garments to achieve high wear resistance, abrasion resistance, tensile strength and flexing performance:
  • Graphene in energy devices: Fast charging is a highly prized challenge in consumer electronics and electric vehicles. Graphene is a potential material that can impart fast charging capabilities to energy storage devices. Therefore, it holds immense potential. At our conference, you will hear from ZapGo Inctelling us about their latest progress on the fast charging of battery electric vehicles using their graphene enabled supercapacitor.
In addition, also presenting is Ionic Industry, an Australian firm who have demonstrated great results on using nanofabrication to develop micro supercapacitors, achieving ultra-short response times, very high capacitance and excellent capacitance retention.
  • Graphene and nanocarbon membranes: CNM Technologies have for several years, been developing their molecularly thin nanocarbon membranes. They have significantly now progressed the production and functionalization technologies and are thus now able to seriously consider applications in water filtration and similar. At this conference, you will learn about their unique technology. In addition, you will hear from TOYOTA Central R&D Labs showing their latest work on 'Labyrinthine Liquid Flow Across Multilayer Graphene-Based Membranes'.
As you can see this is an excellent event on Graphene and 2D Materials. In addition to the talks mentioned above, you will also have access to all 7 other parallel conferences taking places. Confirmed speakers there include, in no particular order: Bayer, Denso, Google, Sony, Continental, GE, Faurecia, Dassault Systems, Porsche, POSCO, Siemens, Bosch Sensortec, Henkel, Delo, DuPont, Fujikura Kasei, Duksan, Nippon Chemi-con, Toray, Agfa, Flex, JCDecaux, Sion Power, Xerox, HP, Bando Chemical, BYD, Synaptic, JOLED, and many more.
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