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Haydale discloses new anti-counterfeiting technology using graphene

Haydale's unique capacitive coding system will revolutionise the anti-counterfeit technology. Officially launched at the IDTechEx conference and with a security printer already using the technology.
Each unique capacitance code is printed in conductive ink, that can be opaque or transparent and with specific formulations owned by Haydale, this patented technology can be printed on many different materials from metals to labels and plastics and then detected using any smartphone or tablet. Complete security for the customer is achieved through a dedicated APi code.
Haydale Ltd are an advanced materials development company which has developed a plasma treatment process to surface functionalise particulate materials. A subsidiary of Haydale Graphene Industries which launched an IPO on London AIM stock exchange in April 2014 and raised £6.5m, the company is based in South Wales near Swansea is currently expanding its 2 tonnes p.a processing capacity. The revolutionary aspect of the HDPlas® process is that it promotes dispersion and chemical activity in materials such as graphene that are effectively inert, exploiting the incredible potential of nanomaterials.
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Posted on: December 6, 2018

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