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Ink in motion for point of purchase displays

A study by POPAI (Point-of-Purchase Advertising Institute) on 220 supermarkets in 22 US cities showed a sales increase of up to 65% resulting from traditional passive Point of Sale advertising. Other studies showed that dynamic media generate 7 times more attention than static, paper-based media.
The most successful retailers are more likely to rely on technology-driven promotional vehicles, like digital signage though usage of these tools is still low, states RSR's research report. Nearly one-third of their winning retailers surveyed use in-store digital media, vs. 17 percent of the laggards.
Korean company NeoLux has developed a flashing electronic display that combines motion with the visual appeal of ink-on-paper - the same technology used by many e-readers available today.
The Ink-In-Motion displays can animate continuously for up to 6 months using just two AA batteries. They are ideal for high-impact POP signs in retail environments where access to power outlets is often limited. In addition to long battery life, the displays can be viewed from all angles and under virtually any lighting condition.
The core enabling technology is an electronic paper display material manufactured by E Ink Corporation called electronic ink. Processed into an imaging film, this electronic ink layer is sandwiched between a customized electronic layer and a color overlay, which can be printed by an ink-jet printer, placed in a frame, and replaced for different messages to give marketers a wide range of design freedom for effective advertising and promotional campaigns.
Microsoft used the POP technology for promotion of their Jade Empire XBOX Game earlier this year - increasing consumer stopping power.

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Posted on: August 21, 2009

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