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Creating New Products From Printed Electronics

Printed, flexible and organic electronics is an enabling set of technologies, comprising of many components that are at different stages of commercialisation and maturity.
Commercialisation is being tackled very differently. Some are disrupting conventional products, for example by enabling foldable displays for smart phones. Others are overcoming limitations or complexities with certain components or manufacturing processes, such as using printing to replace multiple high waste non printing process steps.
Additionally, one of the most exciting opportunities is to use the new capabilities to create new markets. Inventing products that people will want to buy but do not know that yet since such products do not exist.
Commercialising new technologies is often overlooked - in the experience of IDTechEx who have been tracking emerging technologies for 20 years - it is often at least as hard as the initial technology innovation and development. Those developing the technology are not always the appropriate people for creative product design.
The lack of creative product design has been a long time barrier for printed electronics, as we have covered in our leading research on the topic 'Flexible, Printed, Organic Electronics 2019-2029' ( In the report we look at the successful applications and companies with assessment of why and how. It is one of the important aspects that IDTechEx addresses through its leading event series, the next being Printed Electronics Europe in Berlin on 10 - 11 April ( External Link).
The analyst-driven event focuses on the commercialisation of the technology. We achieve that by having end users from many verticals present on their requirements, case studies and lessons of using the technology, providing that vital voice of the customer feedback. Such speakers include companies Diageo, ABinBev, Airbus, Altran, Continental, Schreiner MediPharm, Google, United Technologies, Visionox, Sony, Microsoft and many more.
Printed Electronics Europe also showcases emerging systems that are likely to be highly successful, if not already, such as sessions dedicated to electronic skin patches, structural electronics, foldable displays, smart packaging, opportunities in electric vehicles, 5G, medical devices and much more.
Over 250 speakers and over 200 exhibitors bring together a vast range of opportunities in this compelling and unique environment which facilitates the sharing of knowledge. It will bring markets together with enabling technologies and global major brands with leading suppliers.
For more information about the event - Europe's leading event on Printed Electronics - see External Link and register by 27 March for a 10% discount.

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Posted on: March 27, 2019

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