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Developing & manufacturing conductive, insulator & barrier layer inks

Dycotec Materials Ltd, based in the UK, is an advanced materials company developing and manufacturing conductive, dielectric and barrier layer inks and coatings for electronics and clean technology applications. In addition to their standard range of products, they work with their customers to tailor materials specifically to meet their requirements. Their materials are subjected to rigorous testing standards to ensure approval in applications for the military and industrial sectors. Working in conjunction with their materials development activities, their dedicated engineering team has expertise in electronics design and software development to advance their customers' concepts from prototype through to production.
i) The automotive potentiometers: using Dycotec's copper and carbon pastes to replace a PCB with a more cost-effective printed solution
ii) The RFID printed on rubber: demonstrating Dycotec's stretchable silver paste and encapsulant - which can be used on a wide variety of substrate materials including textiles and stretched up to 140%
iii) The textile heater demonstrated in a sportswear jacket (mounted on the manikin). A thin and flexible heating element based on a fabric substrate which is powered by a rechargeable battery and can be easily incorporated into clothing, gloves, shoes, etc, to provide a comfortable source of heat in cold weather. The technology also has uses in automotive and other applications.
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Posted on: April 24, 2019

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