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Collaboration to develop thin-film photovoltaic technology

XsunX Inc, a developer of advanced, thin-film photovoltaic solar cell technologies and manufacturing processes, and Intevac, Inc, a provider of magnetic media deposition equipment to the hard disk drive industry, are working under a Joint Business Agreement to develop new techniques and equipment to produce commercially marketable CIGS (copper indium gallium selenide) thin-film solar cells.
Through the successful adapting of high-rate production tools from the disk drive industry with process knowledge from the CIGS and thin-film industry combination, the two companies plan to develop a new breed of thin film photovoltaic manufacturing techniques to produce thin-film solar cells. This unique approach focuses on maintaining a relatively small deposition area; initially about five-inch squares similar in size to silicon solar wafers, which the companies believe reduces a significant challenge that has faced the CIGS industry in the past, that of maintaining cell performance while scaling commercial production.
"We are thrilled to establish this relationship with Intevac, whose HDD manufacturing techniques are the standard of the industry," said Tom Djokovich, chief executive officer, XsunX, Inc. "Intevac has the capacity to bring tremendous value to XsunX through their existing engineering and process development advancements. Likewise, our resources and expertise in the development of evaporative technologies, and the best processing parameters for the CIGS thin film layers, will help lay the foundation for the rapid development of this first-of-its-kind cross-industry technology."
"Intevac is pleased to enter into a relationship with XsunX and pleased that they will be using our enabling technology for the development and manufacture of CIGS photovoltaic cells," said Kevin Fairbairn, president and chief executive officer, Intevac, Inc., "We plan to leverage our experience in thin film deposition derived from our HDD equipment business and mainframe transport design capability derived from our semiconductor etch business to provide high productivity, low cost of ownership manufacturing platforms for the production of thin film PV cells."
Credit: Xsunx Inc
Top image source: ECD Ovonics

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Posted on: September 25, 2009

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