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Training on Stretchable and Flexible Electronics

IDTechEx is hosting two half-day Business Intelligence Forums covering stretchable and flexible electronics, taking place in Boston on June 5 2019. They provide a training opportunity allowing attendees to learn detailed technical and marketing insights. 20% Attendee Discount* - valid until Thursday 23 May.
Each forum is delivered by IDTechEx Analysts who have researched their respective fields globally. Impartial information will be given, appraising technologies, players, status, outlook, market pull and market forecasts. A significant amount of data will be provided in a short period of time, maximizing the value of your training budget.
The IDTechEx Analysts take the complex technology and market landscape involved and provide a clear breakdown including technology assessment; market forecasts; case studies and application trends; key players; industry structure; value chain; unmet needs and opportunities.
Let Principal Analyst, James Hayward and CEO of IDTechEx, Raghu Das, lead you through the topics of 'Stretchable Electronics' and 'Flexible Electronics Components & Enabling Materials'.
Traditional electronic components rely on rigid circuit boards and housing. Whilst this has still enabled the huge growth of the sector, it remains relatively limited in form factor. New advances around flexible, stretchable and conformal electronics have sought to change this; these new technology ideas can be deployed commercially to enable a new generation of product types.
Flexible electronics consist of many diverse enabling materials, films, manufacturing processes and components, such as displays and sensors.
IDTechEx will also be hosting training on 4 and 6 June on the topics of: Biosensors, Genetic Testing & Digital Health / Electronic Skin Patches / 5G & Low Power Wireless Networks / RFID: Technologies, Markets, Opportunities - The Complete Picture -
* Please use the promotional code INSIGHTS20 at the end of registration

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Posted on: May 22, 2019

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