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BotFactory brings the future of electronic circuit fabrication to your

Just like a 3D Printer, BotFactorys' small circuit printers allow you to prototype in minutes instead of weeks, all at the click of a button. After pulling your Squink or SV2 PCB Printer from the box, you are guided through a seamless process that will take you from a bare substrate to a fully assembled and functional circuit board in a matter of minutes.
Each PCB Printer includes an inkjet printhead that can dispense very fine droplets of conductive ink and insulating ink, allowing you to create multilayered rigid and flexible circuits on FR-4, Kapton or any substrate of your choice.
In addition, each printer has two heads for dispensing glues and solder pastes, and another to pick-and-place components, allowing you to assemble PCBs right at your desktop.
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Posted on: July 4, 2019

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