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Printed electronics at Taiyo

IDTechEx recently interviewed Taiyo America (Carson City, NV), which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tokyo based Taiyo Ink.
Taiyo Ink, founded in 1953, is the world's largest supplier of resist inks and conductive inks for printed circuit boards with a 50% - 80% market share in some of these sectors.
The group has five R&D centers around the world. The company manufactures inks and offers extremely high consistency of the formulations in mass production. Other than their own formulations, Taiyo America can also manufacture other people's inks, enabling companies to scale to offering higher volumes.
Taiyo has leveraged their conductive ink technology into new products for printed electronics and solar applications. Inks are available for applications including fine line circuitry, membrane and touch panel devices and other printed electronics applications.
Products include inks with various metallurgies, tailored curing processes, and designed for different application methods including screen printing and inkjet.
Taiyo has printed conductive ink onto flexible and rigid substrates including glass, foils, metal and silicon, and has a range of conductive ink formulations that can be cured thermally, by UV or lamps. Taiyo has developed a range of conductive inks and formulations that use individual metals or metal blends (such as silver with copper) or ceramic additives. This has allowed them to significantly reduce sintering temperatures, by about 200 degrees Celsius in some instances.
One recent case study is work they have done with a major semiconductor manufacturer, who was looking to apply conductive ink onto a rough copper surface. The first runs at a major semiconductor companymade with other inks demonstrated massive bleed and poor resolution. Taiyo was able to show much better print resolution and adhesion with their screen-printed inks.
Taiyo America seeks to partner with device companies and can offer tailored ink solutions in addition to their large range of existing products.
For more information, Taiyo America will be exhibiting at the Printed Electronics USA 2009 event in San Jose on Dec 2-3.

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Posted on: October 14, 2009

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