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Speaker Spotlight on Dr Rune Wendelbo, Abalonyx

With just over a month to go until Graphene & 2D Materials USA 2019, IDTechEx's Senior Technology Analyst, Dr Richard Collins caught up with Dr Rune Wendelbo of Abalonyx to hear his thoughts on graphene oxide manufacturing and the opportunity for graphene.
What is unique about Abalonyx as a graphene and graphene oxide manufacturer?
We are unique in that we have developed a safe, fast and scalable process for producing Hummers type graphene oxide in Kg-batch size. Having access to abundant high quality graphene oxide we have developed a range of derivative products that we do not see anybody else offering for sale. Our sale price for graphene oxide now ranges from 1250 $ and up depending on grade and quantity and we target substantially lower prices within the coming two years.
What do you see as the biggest opportunity for your graphene and graphene oxide in the medium and long term?
In the medium term we see the biggest opportunities with our present customers who produce anti-corrosion coatings, composites, PCBs, loudspeaker membranes and other. In the long term we are optimistic about water treatment, composites, LiS-batteries, supercaps and coatings.
What are your biggest hurdles to commercial success?
Right now we struggle to reach out to potential customers and also we need increased sales in order to justify investment in scale-up which will again allow lower sales prices then opening new markets and so forth - a continuous hand-in-hand process to happen over the coming years.
Do you think the, often mentioned, "tipping point" for the graphene market is approaching?
Yes, for graphene oxide and reduced graphene oxide it is going to happen in the coming two years.
What do you hope to gain from the IDTechEx Show!?
To meet new industrial customers and to gain visibility and confidence in the US.

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Posted on: October 15, 2019

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