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General Motors, Faurecia and Myant to open the IDTechEx Show!

The IDTechEx Show! on November 20-21 at the Santa Clara Convention Center brings together key emerging technologies with end users who seek product differentiation and solutions to grow their businesses.
The event covers key innovations in materials and manufacturing processes, from printed electronics to graphene, to end use sectors including IoT, electric vehicles and wearable technologies, focusing on the application and identification of the value brought by select emerging technologies.
This unique event, which brings together the full supply chains of these technologies at one location, features over 250 exhibitors with an estimated 3,500 attendees coming from over 60 countries.
Opening the IDTechEx Show! are three cornerstone speakers, highlighting key progress and future visions across the topics covered at the event.
General Motors, the $147Bn vehicle maker, will open the session. General Motors produced over eight million cars last year. Senior Technical Leader Dr Gayatri Dadheech will present on "Opportunities in the automotive industry: from materials to printed electronics to electric vehicles." The presentation covers the changes in the auto industry such as the move to electric power trains and autonomous transport as a service and how GM is responding to that through exploiting emerging technologies.
Following this will be the $19 Billion automotive parts supplier Faurecia, the number one in vehicle interiors and emission control technology. Speaker Mr Tamim Belhaj, Product Line Director, will present on the evolution of human machine interfaces (HMI) in vehicles, with reference to their work on technologies including structural electronics, in a presentation titled "The HMI Evolution in Vehicles."
Completing the cornerstone presentations will be Tony Chahine, CEO of Myant, discussing computing via textiles. Mr Chahine grew a fashion business from a single store to over 100 stores by the age of 30. He has now turned his focus to Myant, which is on a mission to transform human connectedness, by creating the world's first platform in textile computing which continuously and ambiently connects people to their own bodies, to each other, and to the world.
Following this over 280 speakers will cover a vast array of topics, from voice of the customer presentations delivered by some of the world's largest OEMs giving insights on their requirements and use cases, to the full range of the most exciting technologies being covered across the supply chain - materials, manufacturing equipment, components and systems.
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Posted on: November 1, 2019

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