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Application of Emerging Healthcare Technologies at the IDTechEx Show!

Held over 20 - 21 November 2019 at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, USA, the latest edition of the IDTechEx Show! will once again feature the application of emerging technologies to the healthcare industry. The time is ripe for technology to disrupt healthcare - attendees of the IDTechEx Show! will learn of the key areas in the healthcare industry that will benefit most from emerging wearable, flexible and miniaturized devices. To find out more about the IDTechEx Show!, please visit:
The IDTechEx Show! includes healthcare-focused sessions of:
  • Point-of-care biosensors
  • Printed electronics in healthcare, infrastructure and media
  • Electronic skin patches
  • Wearables in healthcare
Technology can be used to address inefficiencies in healthcare such as lack of medical adherence and can also be used to improve diagnostic and patient monitoring capabilities. Examples of companies and talks at the IDTechEx Show include:
  • Myant - "Human Connectedness: Re-imagined"
  • Medtronic Diabetes - "Medical Wearables for Improved Outcomes in Diabetes"
  • Schreiner MediPharm - "Industrialization of Smart Packages for Medication Adherence"
  • Maxim Integrated - "Can Wearables Monitor the Silent Killer?"
  • The Swatch Group - "Batteries for Healthcare Applications"
  • Valencell - "What's in your Ear? How Hearables are a Leading Platform for Innovation in Consumer and Medical Wearables"
The full conference agenda can be found here:
The IDTechEx Show! will also feature an exhibition area dedicated to healthcare - the Healthcare Sensor Innovations Pavilion. Exhibitors in this pavilion are Suunto Movesense, Zimmer & Peacock, NANOZ and Energous Corporation. Other healthcare focused exhibitors include Myant and Starkey, as well as a number of startups who have been selected to exhibit in the IDTechEx Launchpad. A full list of exhibitors at the IDTechEx Show! can be found here:
In addition to the conference and exhibition, IDTechEx expert analysts will be leading masterclasses on 19 and 22 November. They will share their insights on the following healthcare-related topics:
  • Introduction to Wearables: Technologies, Players, Markets
  • Biosensors
  • Skin Patches & Wearable Sensors

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Posted on: November 18, 2019

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