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Training on Emerging Technologies at IDTechEx Masterclasses

Masterclasses are the ideal way to train staff on emerging technologies. Bracketing the IDTechEx show in Berlin, the IDTechEx masterclasses on 12th and 15th May 2020 will contain the latest insights and analysis on their chosen topics.
Over the two days, 26 masterclasses will take place, covering everything from biosensors to thermal management for electric vehicles. Each masterclass will be delivered by IDTechEx Analysts, who have researched their respective fields globally. They will provide impartial information appraising technologies, players, status, outlook, market pull and market forecasts.
The masterclasses are designed to be information-dense, providing a significant amount of data in a short period of time to maximise the value potential of the classes. The provided overviews, technical information, and hands-on knowledge are organised to help attendees make informed business decisions in a time-efficient manner.
There will also be the chance to network with other participating companies and sponsors - and to question analysts to get a clear idea of the status of each topic area and potential areas of opportunity.

Masterclass Topics Include:

Mobility and Automotive
  • Masterclass 9: Li-ion & Post Li-ion: Materials, Technologies & Markets
  • Masterclass 16: Electric Vehicles: Market Overview & Trends Across Land, Sea & Air
  • Masterclass 20: Autonomous Vehicles, 3D Lidars & 4D Imaging Radars: Markets, Trends & Technology Analysis
  • Masterclass 22: Thermal Management for EVs: Batteries, Motors, Power Electronics
  • Masterclass 23: Electric Traction Motors, Voltage Trends & Charging Infrastructure: Technologies, -Constraints & Markets
Printed, Flexible and Hybrid Electronics
  • Masterclass 2: Flexible, Printed Batteries and Solid-State Batteries
  • Masterclass 4: Introduction to Printed Electronics: Assessment of Technologies and Applications
  • Masterclass 5: Materials for Printed, Flexible & Organic Electronics
  • Masterclass 11: Printing Technologies for Electronic Applications: 2D and 3D Printed Electronics
  • Masterclass 17: Flexible & Hybrid Electronics: Materials & Manufacturing Processes
  • Masterclass 19: 5G: Technologies, Applications, Material Opportunities
  • Masterclass 21: Sensors: Flexible, Printed and Stretchable
  • Masterclass 24: Flexible, Foldable, Printable Displays: Backplane, Touch, Encapsulation, Substrates, Polarizer & Hard Cover
  • Masterclass 25: RFID & Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN): Connecting the Edge - Technologies, Players, Markets
Advanced Materials
  • Masterclass 3: Introduction to 3D Printing: Hardware, Software, Applications & Market Opportunity
  • Masterclass 6: Smart Materials for Structural Electronics
  • Masterclass 7: Introduction to Graphene, Carbon Nanotubes & Non-Graphene 2D Materials
  • Masterclass 12: Quantum Dot and MicroLED Displays: Emerging Display Technologies
  • Masterclass 14: Conductive Inks/Pastes: Technologies & Emerging Applications
  • Masterclass 10: Materials for 3D Printing: Polymers, Metals, Composites and Ceramics
  • Masterclass 8: Introduction to Wearables: Technologies, Players, Markets
  • Masterclass 13: Augmented, Virtual, & Mixed Reality: Technologies, Markets & Trends
  • Masterclass 15: E-Textiles & Smart Clothing
  • Masterclass 26: Skin Patches and Wearable Sensors
  • Masterclass 1: Biosensors for Health Diagnostics
  • Masterclass 18: Sensor Innovations: Gas, Imaging, Optical, Biometric, Biomedical
Other topics covered include Energy Storage, 3D Printing, Sensors, 5G and many more. For further information on the IDTechEx Show and a full list of masterclasses, please visit

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