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Posted on July 5, 2005 by  & 

CDT - Sumitomo link on next generation OLEDs

CDT of the UK and Sumitomo of Japan have signed a memorandum of understanding to develop advanced polymer OLEDs for both electronic displays and lighting. Preciously, the traditional lighting companies General Electric, Osram and Philips have made most of the running in developing OLED lighting, the total number of participants in OLED lighting being about one twentieth of those in OLED displays, an undersupply given the relative market potential of OLED lighting vs OLED displays but this is now changing a little with new lighting contestants being announced every month or so. Sumitomo has bought Dow Chemical's Lumation business and will make its polyfluorene technology and Lumation IP available to the joint venture on an exclusive basis. CDT is one of three companies that hold the majority of key IP on OLED technology.
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