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Harvesting energy from the pavement

Pavegen systems is a UK based company that has developed energy harvesting systems which take power from footsteps. The Pavegen slab can be retrofitted into pavement/flooring in either interior or exterior spaces. Every time the slab is stepped on, it moves less than 5mm. The kinetic energy is converted into electricity that is stored within the slab.
The company report that five hours of high footfall over the slabs will power low energy street lighting systems for 12 hours. The energy generated from paving systems can be used to power:
  • Information displays
  • Street lighting
  • Shop frontages
  • Train and bus timetables
  • Wayfinding solutions
Trials will be conducted in several locations throughout the UK in mid 2010 in four market sectors: transport infrastructure, advertising and retail, shopping centres and business districts and schools. According to the company, depending on the application, the pay back period can be 1 year or less.
The company was founded by Laurence Kemball-Cook who is the Managing Director of Pavegen Systems ltd. Laurence will be presenting at the IDTechEx event Energy Harvesting & Storage Europe in Munich, Germany on May 26-27. Register early for the best rates.

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Posted on: April 8, 2010

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