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IDTechEx exhibiting at SID later this month

Printed Electronics is the fast growing subject that is spreading across the globe, describing a wide variety of technologies and industries that enable the manufacturing of displays, sensors, batteries and solar cells using roll to roll processing techniques and low cost materials. This would allow for products that are flexible, laminar, stretchable, lightweight, bringing electronic functionality to applications where it was previously not available. The variety of form factors that are being made possible open up an array of new electronic products that promise a future of electronic ubiquity. From newspapers with a moving display; to skin patches with automated drug delivery. From large area billboard posters with integrated digital displays to flexible light weight solar cells to power them and innovative backplanes to drive them. All these novel products have now been made possible thanks to printed electronics.
A host of companies that are leaders in their respective fields are getting involved with printed electronics for display technologies: Samsung, LG, SONY, and Prime View International are making printed electronics part of their technology development roadmaps. Start ups like E Ink and Plastic Logic are successfully entering the highly competitive sector with highly desirable products. BASF, Sun Chemical, Dow Chemical, 3M are designing the material sets necessary. In other parts of the value chain, companies like MeadWestvaco and Procter & Gamble make sure that the communication channels with developers are open in order for them to understand their requirements from these enabling new technologies.
IDTechEx has been following the market and technologies of printed electronics for over 10 years thereby placing itself at the meeting point of materials developers, equipment manufacturers, device producers and end-users of the variety of products being made available. Assessing the international state of the market as well as current and emerging trends and players, IDTechEx can provide unique insight into the world of printed electronics and the way the market is going to be shaping up in the next few years.
For more information, visit us at our booth at SID (1309), where you will have a chance to speak with the IDTechEx team as well as the opportunity to discuss specific developments with our analysts.
For more information on the broader range of IDTechEx services, please contact Miss Cara Van Heest at or for more technology inquiries contact Dr Harry Zervos, Technology Analyst with IDTechEx at
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Posted on: May 6, 2010

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