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Printed RFID Antennas to Locate People in Hospitals for COVID Tracing

Smooth & Sharp Corporation (S&S) has received funding from a national Taiwanese campaign targeted to invest in IoT technologies that can prevent and control the spread of COVID-19. The system will deploy RFID tags associated with people entering into hospital facilities to locate their position within the building. Their location information will be stored on the cloud and should any person later test positive for COVID-19, their location information can be used to determine who else may be at risk based on their movements and proximity with others within the facility, with those people being duly notified via the track and trace system.
RFID was chosen because hospitals cannot enforce the use of cellphones within a hospital to guarantee that location is being tracked. Some hospitals also restrict the use of cellphones within their facilities.
UHF (RAIN) RFID tags will be used with many readers having an approximate indoor read range of 5 meters. This will also be assisted with the use of CCTV cameras.
The RFID tags themselves will consist of a printed antenna and silicon chip. The tag antennas are fabricated by inkjet printing silver nanoparticle ink which offers the benefit of being compatible with cheaper paper-based substrates, it can be torn to deactivate the tag, and other visual information such as the patient name, hospital name and time can be printed to customize the tag.
The system will be operating in March and will provide a total RFID solution implemented by S&S. For more information about Smooth and Sharp please see

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Posted on: December 2, 2020

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