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T-Ink multisensory brand enhancement

Printed electronics company T-Ink has a range of applications, some already commercialized for Point of Sale (POS) integration. The current applications include floor and shelf T-Ink printed Floortalkers and Shelftalkers activated by touch or proximity. Additionally, products can be tagged with specific T-Ink formulations which will then trigger sound, audio or olfactory responses when the product is touched to the POS. Programs have been created and produced for such clients as Beatrice, Kraft, Colgate, P&G and others. T-Ink applications can be used to create visual, auditory or olfactory reactions.
Scrolling display on Kent cigarettes - one million sold
Source: MeadWestvaco electronic packaging, used with permission of FlexTech. Originally presented at 2010 Flexible Electronics & Display Conference - February, 2010.
T-Ink created and produced over 100,000.000 original Self Liquidating Premiums (SLPs) and licensed Happy Meal premiums and tray liners for McDonald's international promotions for Finding Nemo and Pixar Bundle that included Toy Story, Toy Story 2, Monster's Inc. and a Bugs Life.
Their InMold process can be utilized to make surfaces touch interactive which can then be designed to trigger the appropriate audio or light reveal activation.
This process can also be tuned to have switches activate via proximity as opposed to touch. Customers can trigger response from up to 2 feet without making contact with the cabinet. Responses can also be varied as distance changes from consumer to cabinet increasing the volume of an audio response or the brightness of a visual response.
T-Ink InMold formed and molded capacitance switch formulations can withstand high temperatures and elongation of over 500 times its original printed size. T-Ink is currently working with leading auto, construction and consumer electronic companies on a wide range of InMold applications to take advantage of this unique T-Ink formulation and process.

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Posted on: May 20, 2010

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