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User Interface Solutions for the Medical Device Marketplace

Today's medical end users, whether professional or consumer, expect their healthcare and wellness delivery systems and devices to be intuitive, easy to use and reliable, regardless of when and where they are utilized.
Striking a balance is key to delivering what users are looking for. Sitting at one end of the scale is a user interface (UI) design that enables the user to easily understand and quickly access the device capabilities. This is true whether the user is a consumer who requires simple functionality or a medical professional deploying the more fine-tuned features today's products can offer.
On the other end of the scale sits current industry and governmental standards and regulations. Ensuring compliance across markets and global regions has never been more crucial to ensure reliability or more complicated.
Are your product designs meeting users' expectations?

Trend 1:

Intuitive, Interactive, User Optimized
  • Whether capacitive touch, mechanical switch, rubber keypad or membrane switch, the UI is a user's first interaction with any medical device. As the medical industry integrates higher performance and greater functionality, the devices must remain intuitive to use by a broad range of consumers.

Trend 2:

Portable and Wearable
  • Many new devices are designed to be portable or wearable, therefore, small and lightweight. At the same time, they need to provide device reliability and withstand daily usage. The right UI design can meet the size, weight, and form factor challenges presented by these expectations.

Trend 3:

Lower Power, Higher Performance, Greater Functionality
  • Smaller and more powerful, portable and wearable medical devices can challenge designs' continuous draw-power requirements and capacity envelopes. The right UI design can offer lower power consumption compared to always-on displays, allowing for valuable power resources to be dedicated to high performance and functionality.

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Posted on: March 9, 2021

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