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Electric Vehicles in the UK - Part three

With many electric vehicle manufacturers sprouting up in the UK, this issue of charging the on-road versions has to be addressed.
Rapid Installations of charging points
There are currently only a few hundred re-charging points in the UK, mostly in London, However, this is being addressed with great urgency. In January 2010, the government launched a $45 million fund to install 11 000 public recharging points over the next three years in London, Milton Keynes and the North East with a second round expected later this year, part of the London Electric Vehicle Delivery Plan's target of 25 000 recharging points by 2015.
In addition the Office of Low Emission Vehicles is consulting with the Highways Agency and Network Rail about installing recharging points along major transport corridors. The government has also made funding available for research into the viability of battery-swap stations, whereby a spent battery is replaced en route for a fully charged one. However, with no progress towards standardized battery shape, position and fixture of the batteries in Europe's electric vehicles this is something of a wild card.
In 2010, Vinci Energies UK announced a partnership with Brighton-based Elektromotive to install a recharging network for electric and plug-in electric hybrid vehicles across the country. Elektromotive has an order to install 1000 charging points in Ireland by 2011.
Also attend Future of Electric Vehicles a global event on the whole electric vehicle market, covering all forms of EVs.

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Posted on: June 9, 2010

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