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Printed Circuit Solutions by Molex

Molex's vision is "creating long term value by transforming electronic solutions to enhance the user experience." They leverage their talent and expertise to offer customers the technology, capabilities and services that allow them to excel. This creates superior returns for both their customers and Molex.
Their Printed Circuit Solutions include User Interface, Flexible Circuit Solutions (which includes Flexible Printed Circuits, Flat Flexible Cables, and Silver Flexible Circuits), Sensor Solutions, as well as Additional Product offerings such as Thin Film Batteries, LED Flex Lighting, and RFID Tags, Labels, and Readers.
A key advantage of Molex's global footprint is the ability to bring products to market faster. Here you can see they have robust operations on nearly every continent. Combined with engineering expertise and other capabilities, their network can dramatically shorten the design cycle.
Not to mention their end-to-end manufacturing capabilities bring designs to life quickly and at scale.
Molex is driving innovation in all markets. They're a leading innovator, supplier, collaborator and manufacturer in many industries.
Molex is a thought leader and reliable supplier for capacitive circuits to full assemblies. Capacitive touch capabilities add elegance, durability, and flexibility to the UI experience. Plus, it enables numerous innovative product features, such as smart surfaces, backlighting, and contoured shapes. From design to manufacturing, Molex is a one-source solution provider and investor for R&D year over year.
Capabilities that support User Interface include Full Circuit Design Support, Polyester, Polyimide Circuits and PCB's, Cosmetic or Graphic Printing, Die Cutting, Automated Dome Placement, Component Bonding, and our Flexible Manufacturing Processes.
Our Flexible Printed Circuits are a perfect match for your Automotive, Medical, and InfoTech applications. Our FPC's are used in a variety of applications that demand high signal speed, power distribution, suitable temperatures, flexibility and space savings.
Successfully designing FPCs for handling many kinds of challenges requires understanding the different types of copper and how to use them. With decades of experience, Molex applies their knowledge and ability with FPCs to meet your application needs.
Molex's Premo-Flex Flat Flexible Cables are ideal for board-to-board interconnections in confined spaces. With over 12,000-standard part numbers. One thing that sets their cables apart is the wide range of custom solutions along with first in class engineering support and quality. They have a wide variety of stocked raw material which allows us to turnaround most samples requests in 1-2 weeks.
Their high-performing Silver Flexible Circuit Solutions are finely spaced and have narrow silver traces. Whether your design calls for a cutting-edge user interface, a printed battery, lightweight flexible circuitry for wearable devices or some other compact, reliable sensor, Molex engineers can apply their knowledge and expertise to develop an effective solution that meets your design's requirements.
Molex offers a wide range of sensor solutions. Increasingly, customers need and expect real-time connectivity. Data must be received and transmitted as efficiently as possible to meet the needs of connected devices across markets and industries. At Molex, They've helped some of the most influential companies develop sensor technologies that improves lives.
Molex also offers additional products as well. Our thin-film battery is a low-profile, flexible, disposable battery with a small footprint designed for low-power single-use applications. Their Flexible LED Lighting platform provides high-quality, customized lighting solutions with component-bonding capabilities at minimized costs. And their RFID Solutions encompass real-time asset tracking architecture and software, as well as professional services such as installation and ongoing assistance, enabling cost-effective, efficient and accurate monitoring of valuable inventory and assets.
As Molex grows, they do so mindfully. They know that sustainable value comes from sustainable business practices and resource usage. That's why every Molex location actively contributes to its own Eco Policy.
In summary, Molex is a long-standing company with a broad array of products and solutions. Combining their engineering expertise and quality process, allows them to better serve you. Thank you! For more information visit us online at

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Posted on: June 24, 2021

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