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Printed Electronics in Düsseldorf

IDTechEx announces Europe's largest annual Printed Electronics event which will take place in Düsseldorf, Germany on 5-6 April 2011. The event, attended by more than 900 attendees in 2010 in Dresden, will feature more than 100 exhibitors and provides a platform for potential users of the technology to meet with suppliers.
Düsseldorf is home to many companies working on printed electronics, and the event offers hosted tours to local organizations involved in the topic. In addition, organizers IDTechEx will also aid introductions so that attendees can visit customers or potential new partners during their visit.
Confirmed visits for attendees include a tour to the Metro Future Store. Metro AG is the fifth largest retailer in the World with revenues over €65 Billion last year. They are headquartered in Düsseldorf, where they have based their "Future Store". The Future store is the only one of its kind in the World - it is a live supermarket store but it is also used as a platform to test new technologies in a real supermarket environment. Attendees to Printed Electronics Europe can participate in our hosted visits to the store.
Examples of the technologies in the store include RFID applications for supply chain optimization as well as brand enhancement and improved customer experience, NFC enabled products, sensor and sound technology. This could be a fantastic test platform for new printed electronics products, such as electronic shelf labels, interactive posters, billboards, etc.
In addition, attendees can visit local providers such as H.C. Starck and Coatema. H.C. Starck is a € 471 million company that provides printable semi transparent conductive materials for use in touch screens, capacitors, photovoltaics and other components. Attendees will see the manufacturing processes involved. An additional visit and an IDTechEx masterclass will be held at Coatema. Attendees here will see real product being manufactured in roll to roll processes at varying scales, speeds and web widths.
An interactive seminar will also take place, with attendees getting involved in the manufacturing process, making samples of solar cells or other simple printed electronic devices on the company's equipment. Overall, the visit will feature a "hands on" experience, providing participants with an inside view of challenges in manufacturing of devices on roll to roll.
There are many other local organizations including Bayer, Degussa and Henkel, and nearby in Eindhoven are companies such as Philips, Holst Centre, OTB Pixdro and many others.
Düsseldorf is home to the World's largest printing event where there is great subject overlap. Attendees can register for our huge 50% early bird discount now. Exhibitors or sponsors that book now will receive prices from the previous year's event. See for details.

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Posted on: June 30, 2010

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