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Aveso raises $1million for electro-active display technology

Aveso, a spin-out from The Dow Chemical Company, has recently raised $1,040,000 in equity financing according to a document filed with the SEC.
The company has developed electronic-display technology based on a patented electro-active ink for credit cards, product packaging, home health diagnostics and apparel.
The paper thin displays are manufactured using installed manufacturing capacity and readily available materials. The low voltage operation (<1.0V) allows for display drive code to be loaded onto customer-specific silicon or low-cost, general purpose microprocessors. The displays can also be driven via Radio Frequency (RF) energy for contactless applications.
The technology is already being used by Inteligensa for one-time password display cards to over-come online fraud, identity theft and unauthorised access costs. Inteligensa claim to provide 35 percent of all bank cards in Latin America.
Source: Aveso

Other Uses for Flexible Display Technology

Additional uses for flexible display technology include embedding into smart labels and smart packaging as well as diagnostics for chemistry, biotechnology and electronics, or even home use. With smart labelling and packaging, these new printed electronic components offer an array of custom displays that may include use in radio-frequency identification (RFID) antennas, displays, sensors, thin-film batteries and photovoltaics. Custom displays may include time and temperature sensors, tamper-proof packaging, and anti-counterfeit functionality.
Source: Aveso
Reference: Aveso

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Posted on: August 9, 2010

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