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What to expect at Printed Electronics USA 2010

Next week the annual IDTechEx Printed Electronics event opens on Nov 30 at the Santa Clara Convention Center, CA, USA. The event will be the largest yet on the topic. Excluding press partners that are taking a booth, as of November 19 there are 85 exhibitors. The total exhibition floor space is 49,000 square feet and the booths themselves cover a total area of just over 30,000 square feet.
New this year is "Demonstration Street" - an area in the exhibition dedicated to showing you many examples of printed electronics products. In addition, all attendees will receive some samples of printed electronics to keep.
NovaCentrix will have several PulseForge tools at the event. In addition to processing the copper screen ink samples handed out at registration, NovaCentrix invites attendees to bring their own pre-printed material samples for trial processing with the tools.
"We will have a tool set aside in an enclosed area for processing samples away from the main floor of the exhibit," said Stan Farnsworth, VP Marketing. "We understand that confidentiality is critical to our clients." Stan encourages anyone with interest in processing samples at the event to contact him at their earliest convenience to arrange times. (contact
In addition, attendees will receive an AC electroluminescent night light, which has been customized for this event. One organization will demonstrate printed ID which will be used for an interactive feature at the event, the technology of which will be revealed at the show.
Pre-registration as of November 23 is 853 unique attendees from 28 countries. Almost 300 people just registered at the event on-site last year - IDTechEx expect the same again and therefore aim to exceed 1,000 attendees - possibly as much as 1,200. The event will be a fantastic base for companies to meet and do business. For more information please see

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Posted on: November 24, 2010

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