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IDTechEx Release New Global Thermal Interface Materials Market Report

IDTechEx, a trusted provider of independent market intelligence, have released a new market report "Thermal Interface Materials 2024-2034: Technologies, Markets, and Forecasts". The report forecasts the global TIM market size will exceed US$8 billion by 2034.
A Thermal Interface Material (TIM) is a material used to improve heat transfer between two surfaces, typically a heat source (such as a computer processor) and a heat sink (such as a metal heatsink or other cooling system). TIMs are used everywhere ranging from batteries in electrical vehicles on the road, data center server boards to your personal smart phones and laptops, 5G base stations and advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) electronics.
With all these emerging technologies and fast-growing markets, the TIM market is expecting a double-digit CAGR between 2024 and 2034, representing significantly opportunities. IDTechEx's new TIM market report offers a detailed technical analysis of thermal interface materials for EV batteries, EV power electronics, data centers, 5G, ADAS, and consumer electronics (TIMs for all mentioned above and die-attach materials for some applications). It provides 10-year forecasts in terms of area, mass, revenue, and unit price of TIMs. The report covers TIM fillers, costs, thermal conductivities, high-performance TIMs, commercial applications, historical acquisitions/partnerships, and emerging trends.
"Thermal Interface Materials 2024-2034: Technologies, Markets, and Forecasts" covers the following key aspects:
Thermal Interface Material (TIM) trends and analysis
  • Forms of TIM
  • Benchmarking of TIM forms, TIM filler materials, and TIM matrix materials
  • Summary and comparison of commercial products by form
  • TIM Filler: performance and cost comparison
  • Advancements in TIM formulation: fillers and format
  • Drivers for TIM improvements in general
  • Key industry acquisitions
  • Overview of dispensing equipment and requirements
  • TIM1: die-attach
  • Solder alloys
  • Silver sintering
  • Copper sintering
  • Current utilization, requirements, and drivers for TIM in key emerging or evolving markets
  • Electric vehicle power electronics
  • Electric vehicle batteries
  • EMI shielding
  • Data centers
  • ADAS electronics
  • 5G infrastructure
  • Consumer electronics
  • Teardowns and use-cases in the above categories
  • Primary information from key companies
  • Company profiles
  • 10-year forecasts in terms of area, mass, revenue, and unit price of TIMs
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