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New Bio-based Materials Aiming to Disrupt the Leather Industry

There are concerns about the contribution of the leather industry, both plastic-based and animal-based, to greenhouse gas emissions and environmental damage. As such, changing consumer attitudes alongside government and brand actions are driving the growth of a new emerging market of emerging bio-based leather alternatives. These materials are competing to address the rising demand for animal free and plastic free leather alternatives.
The large size of the global leather market presents major opportunities for the breakthrough of new materials. The key question will be which emerging material of the over 70 market players which are competing in this sector will break into the market?
IDTechEx's new market report, "Emerging Alternative Leathers 2024-2034: Technologies, Trends, Players", looks to answer this question by covering in depth the vegan bio-based leather market, including an extensive company landscape and material benchmarking. See for more.
In this webinar recorded in January 2024, IDTechEx cover the potential opportunities of emerging alternative bio-based leather materials. The webinar includes:
  • Background on animal and plastic (synthetic) leathers
  • Market drivers, including consumer, brand and regulatory drivers
  • An introduction to the emerging technologies including plant-based leather, mycelium leather (mushroom), microbial leather (fermentation) and lab grown leather (cell-culture)
  • The go to market strategy approaches and applications of these materials
  • IDTechEx's outlook and conclusions
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