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Hyundai 90 kW vehicle fuel cell

Hyundai has showcased a hydrogen fuel cell concept Blue2 at Seoul Motor Show. It delivers hydrogen fuel stack power of 90kW. Because fuel cells cannot yet cope efficiently with the instant start, varying load of traction power directly to electric traction motors, they are usually used as range extenders as an alternative to simplified internal monoblock combustion engines (eg Lotus and DLR German Aerospace Agency) or mini turbines such as the two 70 kW Bladon Jets turbine range extenders in the new Tata Motors Europe Jaguar supercar. However Intelligent Energy has put traction fuel cells into vehicles as small as Suzuki motorcycles.
Hyundai Motor Company has just showcased its hydrogen fuel cell concept vehicle, called Blue2 at the 2011 Seoul Motor Show being held Seoul South Korea. The Blue2 sedan delivers hydrogen fuel stack power of 90kW and its fuel economy is 34.9kpl. The vehicle's low-resistance tires and alloy wheels further improve its aerodynamic performance. The Blue2 has a sporty and futuristic design to combat the "good value but dull" consumer perception in the past. The Blue2's styling represents "a blueprint for future sedans" claims the company. The vehicle is a representation of Hyundai's Blue-Drive eco brand and the chemical symbol for hydrogen gas, H2. Hyundai has been focusing on green technologies. Hyundai first showcased its conventional hybrid Sonata sedan last year at the New York Auto Show.
Hyundai seeks early entry into the Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV) market nowadays almost always based on the Proton Electron Membrane PEM hydrogen+oxygen technology. This has the challenge of storing and transporting hydrogen but it is more efficient than interim designs.
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The Hyundai group of companies even includes Hyundai Heavy Industries competing with Toyota and Mitsubishi with hybrid outdoor forklifts that could be early candidates for fuel cell range extenders.
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Daimler AG including Mercedes, as well as East Asian companies Honda and Toyota are in the race to commercialise FCEVs. Hyundai's efforts are part of its other endeavours to develop alternative power train technologies.

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Posted on: April 18, 2011

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