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San Francisco International Airport free charging

San Francisco is among the cities which are leaders in the movement to scale up electric car adoption in the US. In February 2011, the San Francisco Bay Area government handed over a large-scale charging infrastructure project to ECOtality.
This project entails installation of 2,750 home chargers and 30 fast-charging units through the Bay Area. Now San Francisco is to install EV chargers at its public garages and airport, free-of-charge until 2013 and these stations are to feature both 110V and 220V outlets.
San Francisco city administration has decided to install more than 80 charging stations at public garages and the city's international airport by the end of 2011. These stations will provide free-of-cost charging to electric car drivers till 2013. The installation is expected to begin in June 2011. The stations will be equipped with both 110V standard outlets and the 220V-fast chargers. The administration has released an initial list of 20 public garages where chargers will be established.
to reflect its unique covering of the whole subject. Charging infrastructure will be covered by Mitsubishi Electric, Siemens AG, Future Transport Systems and others.Never before has there been an opportunity in Europe for people in land, water and air electric vehicles and their components, infrastructure and test equipment to compare notes in one event. Delegates already signed up vary from Airbus, Hudson Power Sports and Hudson Yachts to Sony, the Bulgarian Electric Vehicle Association and Robert Bosch Venture Capital.

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Posted on: May 17, 2011

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