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New e-mobility event is better for component suppliers

Those making subsystems, components and materials for electric vehicles gain little from meeting only the high profile electric car companies at e-mobility events. The queue is very long to supply these companies and the pricing is often extremely challenging. By contrast, a look at the big picture of electric vehicles by land, water and air reveals a huge number of often highly profitable niche applications.
But where do you go to meet manufacturers of off-road and marine vehicles, aircraft, two wheelers and specialist cars in one place? Until now, that has not been on offer but fortunately IDTechEx, having done the first such event in the USA is now bringing the show to Stuttgart Germany, home of the German aerospace and automotive industry. It is "Electric Vehicles Land Sea Air" on 28-29 June and you can see more on
Already lined up to meet the parts suppliers are speakers, exhibitors and delegates from many unusual developers and manufacturers of vehicles. Specifically there are already 11 on-road electric vehicle companies, seven electric aircraft companies, six electric boat companies and four off-road electric vehicle companies attending the event so far, most of them as speakers.
Latest to join the line up of 40 speakers from across Europe, India and the USA is Lange Aviation of Germany. Lange 20E is an electric evolution of its Antares 18S and 18T fixed wing aircraft. The Lange Antares 20E is a self-launching motor glider with a 42 kW electric motor and SAFT VL 41M lithium-ion batteries. SAFT employs both lithium iron phosphate LFP and lithium nickel cobalt LNC cathodes in its second generation traction batteries. At the event, SAFT competitor ABSL exhibits LFP and other traction batteries for military electric vehicles and competitor Valence Technology speaks on how it helped the world's largest seagoing yacht manufacturer to adopt hybrid electric powertrains using Valence's advanced LFP technology, though this battery company has great success in land e-mobility as well. At this event, there are many lessons for component suppliers on how to sell laterally across many applications.
The motor in the Lange Aviation electric aircraft actuates a two blade fixed pitch propeller. It can climb up to 3,000 meters with fully charged cells. After launch it can function as a conventional, though heavy, glider. Over 70 have been built.
At this uniquely useful event, there are associations representing many manufacturers of e-mobility including the Bulgarian Electric Vehicle Association and the Light Electric Vehicle Association, which has global reach. There are visits to the Mercedes Museum, Daimler AG production line and the E-Mobility Centre and Tesla test drives. Another visit is to the DLR German Aerospace Center which is using fuel cells and advanced DC motors to electrify cars, airport ground support equipment and airliner nose wheels, so airliners become electric vehicles when on the ground. All are eager to obtain the latest subsystems, components, materials and charging stations. The event's many media partners such as the Electric Boat Association, Federal Association for Solar Mobility, Dow Jones News, Gizmag, EE Web, EV Hub, EVtransPortal, Light Electric Vehicle Association, Global Intelligence Inc, Greentech Media, CleanEnergy Project, Low Carbon Economy and various electric car media will get the suppliers' message to a much broader global audience that is accessed through electric vehicle events that concentrate almost entirely on cars.
For more attend Electric Vehicles Land Sea Air in June in Stuttgart, Germany. Never before has there been an opportunity in Europe for people in land, water and air electric vehicles and their components, infrastructure and test equipment to compare notes in one event. Delegates already signed up vary from Airbus, Ford Motor Company, Hudson Power Sports and Hudson Yachts all seeking components to Sony, the Bulgarian Electric Vehicle Association whose memebers seek components and Robert Bosch Venture Capital seeking investments relevant to its leadership in automotive components.

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Posted on: June 6, 2011

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