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Rusnano/Plastic Logic to Trial E-readers in Schools

In a recent meeting between Rusnano CEO Anatoly Chubais and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, Chubais stated that the Russian Education Ministry will be testing a thousand e-book readers in schools in several regions across Russia over the next year.
While not confirmed, IDTechEx believe these to be the Plastic Logic E-readers (given Rusnano's investment in Plastic Logic, and that the manufacturing facility will be in Zelenograd, where Plastic Logic will have a facility).
In the interview Chubais reports that the initial price of each e-reader will be 12,000 roubles, (approximately US $400). Chublais states, "This autumn, we'll be simultaneously testing this new computer in schools, building a plant in Zelenograd and creating a research centre on the grounds of the Moscow Electronics Institute, also based in Zelenograd. The research centre will further develop and promote the silicon-free computer hardware technology. We don't think it should be limited to textbooks, though. Plastic electronics can have a whole number of other applications. But this primary use could pave the way."
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Posted on: August 23, 2011

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