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The Bottom Line on Frequency

Which will be the most popular frequency?

In our view, it is too early to say which frequency will be the most popular for item level tagging, even just within the CPG sector. Almost everyone agrees that UHF is the best frequency for pallets and cases in the world taken as a whole. For these items a range of up to three meters is preferable, reading is relatively simple being by line of sight or through relatively benign obstructions such as wood, cardboard and plastics most of the time and plenty of space is available for the tag because these are all large things. Unfortunately none of this is true at the highest volume item level or even on the small vials and packs of drugs that Wal-Mart now seek to be tagged. At recent IDTechEx conferences, suppliers, CPG companies and the US Military have been at pains to point out that more than one frequency will probably be needed for mass tagging.
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