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Visit to JNC Corporation the PE Virtuoso

This week, Printed Electronics World visited Mr Etsuo Nakagawa and Mr Kiichiro Ito of JNC Corporation (parent company Chisso) in Japan.
JNC Corporation manufactures worldwide and that includes structural plastics and Li-ion battery materials for electric vehicles. In printed electronics, it is about to sell RFID inlays with a secret new antenna deposition process on plastic film.
JNC Corporation already offers many thermal and UV curable printed electronics inks including those for the main conductive layer and emissive layer in OLEDs and it has an Indium Tin Oxide ITO replacement using silver nanowires, this being a Cambrios partnership.
ITO is used in many forms of photovoltaic, sensor, display and other devices but, to perform adequately, it has to be RF sputtered and, even then, it can only be rolled round a diameter of 2.5 centimeters or so due to cracking and it is expensive in the necessary patterned form.
JNC Corporation competes with OKI and Samsung in OLED materials but it still supplies Samsung. JNC offers Liquid Crystal Device LCD active and conductive ink and also etch resist, surface treatment and liquid shedding inks as well as insulating inks based on polyimides and other inks for printed electronics as well. It has materials for polysilicon photovoltaics.
JNC Corporation widely uses the term printed electronics to describe Mr Nakagawa's Electronics and IT Materials Department which has such opportunity for high added value and growth that it has a corporate brief to rise from 35% to "over 50%". Already, this $3.2 billion chemicals manufacturer manages with only 3000 members of staff - high productivity indeed.
JNC Corporation works with Fuji Dimatix etc and with seven ink jet machine makers across East Asia. They partner with Konica on OLEDs. There is a particular emphasis on inks for ink jet printing IJ as seen below.
Image source: JNC Corporation

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Posted on: January 27, 2012

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