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RFID Smart Labels USA 2006: Keynote Speakers

RFID is acknowledged as an enabling technology impacting many areas of human endeavour. Thousands of companies supply solutions throughout the RFID value chain today, yet it is curious to monitor the industry as it evolves: some applications are vastly oversupplied with little product value offered. Others are undersupplied despite high value tags being requested by users. East Asia will become the largest market for RFID in just a few years yet few know of what is really happening there. Many large niches exist which have few system providers with appropriate experience. Most do not know of the largest and most profitable orders of RFID so far and ones that are emerging - and who is placing them. Many chase shadows. Few know of the 10 different types of chipless RFID technologies and the dozens of companies developing them, or of the impact or profitability of active RFID. How do you make RFID smart labels to help meet the real demand? How do you add value to RFID smart labels to make money now? What is coming next that you need to take into account before investing further in RFID?
This fifth annual IDTechEx event has been devised to tackle these issues. We are flying in experts from China, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, the Middle East and Europe to inform you of the global situation. We cover new opportunities from users and step-by-step implementation approaches. We dedicate sessions to developments in chipless RFID (with world first launches), active RFID (now merging with Wifi, Zigbee ...) and passive chip RFID (such as new long range HF systems). We cover how to manufacture RFID smart labels, add value and smart labels beyond ID alone. See the full speaker list at - you will be surprised. Uniquely, IDTechEx consultants tie it all together for you - highlighting why these developments are important so you understand their significance.

Examples of keynote speakers

Below is just a sample of our keynote speakers:
The US VISIT program is a $10Bn agenda to secure the US borders. It is the largest non military and non aerospace project and RFID is playing a big part.
EXCLUSIVE General Electric, USA
From jet engines to power generation, financial services to plastics, and medical imaging to news and information, GE is a massive potential RFID user and one of the largest companies in the world. Hear their assessment of the technology so far.
WORLD FIRST Emirates Technical Innovation Centre, United Arab Emirates
The first supermarket tagging every item will be in Saudi Arabia. Over 1 million tags have been ordered for this proof of concept store. Learn what is being done, why and the massive orders to follow.
EXCLUSIVE LG Innotek, Korea
One of Korea's biggest companies talks for the first time on how they will use RFID to create new markets and drive new consumer value. Unmissable.
Rexam, a $5.8Bn company, is one of the world's top five consumer packaging groups and the world's leading beverage can maker. They serve the beverage, beauty, pharmaceuticals and food markets with more than 90 manufacturing operations in over 20 countries. Listen to their RFID work exclusively at this event.
CHINA PROGRESS China National RFID Standards Workgroup, China
China will become the biggest user of RFID over the next 5 years yet few know of what is happening there. We are flying in a senior official from China National RFID Standards Workgroup to update you on the country's RFID progress and plans.
LARGEST RFID DELIVERY IN 2005 Toppan Printing, Japan
Toppan Printing is a $12Bn+ printing and packaging company. Learn how they are involved with RFID and how they fulfilled the largest RFID order in 2005 delivering 25 million tickets.
Tyson Foods is one of Wal-Mart's top suppliers. Hear them discuss their trials, tribulations and solutions.
CHINA PROGRESS Sparkice, China
Sparkice is a major thought leading company for RFID in China. Here they explain the current state of RFID technology and case studies in China.
There's more. Our delegates benefit from our wide range of expertise in the topic; receive FREE access to over 1,700 RFID case studies from the IDTechEx RFID Knowledgebase; as well as our RFID Encyclopedia and journal access. This is the world's biggest event on smart labels - uniquely devised by consultants to highlight what you need to know about RFID and beyond. Still not sure? If this conference does not answer your questions we will give you free consulting time.
Already delegates from 22 countries have registered. Meet over 500 delegates, learn from over 50 speakers, network with over 60 exhibitors - RFID Smart Labels USA is where the world of Smart Labels meets and does business. Trust IDTechEx.
RFID Smart Labels USA 2006. March 28-29, Boston, MA, USA. Register this week - by March 10 2006 - and save 10%.

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Posted on: February 6, 2006

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