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The Global RFID Event

Now in its fifth year the IDTechEx event RFID Smart Labels USA has grown substantially over previous years. Now only days from the Boston show which kicks off on March 28, we examine its key uniques.

Progress in China

While we and other analysts believe that China will rapidly become the largest market for RFID within the next 10 years due to its sheer volume of exports, it's RFID progress largely remains a mystery to most people. No more. Speakers from The China National RFID Standards Workgroup, SparkICE and The China RFID Alliance will update you directly on what is happening, such as their thinking on standards - "If the RFID standards can not supplemented, adjusted or modified by China, tremendous economic benefit brought by RFID will be abated."

Key user experiences and new opportunities

Many large niches exist which have few system providers with appropriate experience. Other users require high specification tags which they are willing to pay many dollars for but they cannot find any suppliers. Some users have run into many unexpected technical difficulties. This fifth annual IDTechEx event has been devised to tackle the real issues. We cover new opportunities from users and step-by-step implementation approaches and global progress. Learn from a diverse range of users by different industry verticals, such as The US VISIT program (the largest US non military non aerospace government project), GE, LG, Procter & Gamble/Gillette, Tyson Foods Inc, US DoD, DHL, Rexam, Massachusetts General Hospital and many others...

Progress in East Asia

The biggest RFID applications in East Asia have mostly been in the consumer domain rather than the enterprise domain (e.g. supply chain, manufacturing etc). For example, more than 5 million cellphones are in use in Tokyo with embedded RFID so that consumers can pay for items in stores and for transport access. LG, one of Korea's largest cellphone manufacturers, will present on their similar initiatives, enabling pervasive computing and new consumer propositions. In 2005, Toppan Printing delivered more than 25 million RFID tickets for a trade fair - hear from them and others such as Omron and Fujitsu.

New territories come into the fray

United Arab Emirates may be home to the world's first supermarket where every product is tagged, as part of a major trial facilitated by the UAE Technical Centre. Hear and meet them at RFID Smart Labels USA 2006, along with speakers from 13 other countries.

Technology firsts

IDTechEx will show you the big picture - from the emerging range of chipless technologies to active RFID parasitic on Wifi networks. We even cover smart labels beyond RFID such as those incorporating sensors or alternatives to RFID altogether. Many new technologies will be launched at this event with exclusive demonstrations. How do you make RFID smart labels to help meet the real demand? How do you add value to RFID smart labels to make money now? What is coming next that you need to take into account before investing further in RFID? Learn the answers to these and other questions at RFID Smart Labels USA. Uniquely, IDTechEx consultants tie it all together for you. We even guarantee your questions will be answered - if not we will give you free consulting time! See External Link for details and to register.

Key event features

  • A truly international event, with registered delegates from 30 countries
  • Over 35% more speakers compared to 2005, from 14 countries
  • The number of sponsors and exhibitors have grown more than 15% compared to 2005
  • All delegates receive some access to over 1,800 RFID Case Studies, our independent journal and the IDTechEx RFID encyclopedia
  • World firsts from users (LG, UAE Retail, GE, Smurfit-Stone, Rexam, Hutchison Port Holdings, Tyson Foods, Chinese Government)
  • Exclusive launches from vendors (Inksure - multi bit chipless tags; Motorola; TracStar; Maxim Dallas; EM Microelectronic, SparkICE)
Don't miss RFID Smart Labels USA 2006 - March 28-29, Boston, MA, USA - Where the World of Smart Labels Meets and Does Business. See External Link for full details.

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Posted on: March 12, 2006

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