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Assess the future of graphene at Graphene LIVE!

Graphene is one of the most exciting new materials currently being developed. It brings superlative performance to supercapacitors, batteries, touch screens, logic, sensors, displays, composites and much more thanks to its electrical, thermal and mechanical properties. There are multiple manufacturing techniques that are being used to make graphene - each with its own strengths and weaknesses including different scaling, different cost structure and different graphene quality.
Many questions still remain. Will Graphene take as long as Carbon Nanotubes to come to market? Can we separate hype from reality? What are the short term commercialization opportunities where the benefits of Graphene enable premium pricing? What are the key business and technical challenges involved in bringing Graphene to market?
All these are the issues that will be covered at Graphene LIVE! - an event hosted by IDTechEx on December 5-6 2012. The event is being held in the heart of Silicon Valley at Santa Clara, California - close to many developers and users of Graphene.
Our audience will develop a comprehensive yet detailed understanding of the state of technology and market per graphene application area. This conference will cover all promising applications of graphene, including graphene composites, supercapacitors and batteries, functional inks, logic and memory, touch screens, sensors and bio-electronics and beyond.
Uniquely, you will hear the full story per market segment. Potential end-users and investors will initially outline the opportunities, requirements, scaling concerns, price points, etc. Academics/experts will then discuss the latest progress and challenges facing graphene per application area.
Companies targeting each graphene application area will also present their technology, target markets, business strategy, progress, etc. Here, we will also include companies developing a suitable manufacturing technique for that application. This will include players commercialising chemical vapour deposition, oxidisation-reduction, liquid-phase exfoliation, plasma, etc. Finally, you will hear views from player(s) from the incumbent and/or rival technology area where appropriate.
The event brings together users, material providers, equipment makers, policymakers, academics and investors from more than 30 countries. It covers more than 30 speakers over the two days.
Going away from this conference, you will know the key players in the graphene space and you will develop a critical assessment of the latest opportunities, developments, and challenges for all potential markets for graphene.
The Graphene LIVE! Tradeshow runs alongside the conference tracks. It is the largest exhibition on the topic, and is part of the Printed Electronics USA 2012 exhibition featuring more than 120 exhibitors. The exhibition will cover equipment providers, material providers, manufacturers and integrators. Register early for the best rates: for full details see
In addition to the conference, analysts IDTechEx have also released the report Carbon Nanotubes and Graphene for Electronics Applications 2012-2022 - see for complete details.
For more information on the topic please contact the author Khasha Ghaffarzadeh at or to find out more about the Graphene LIVE! conference please contact the Event Manager Mrs. Chris Clare at
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