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Pelikon power

Pelikon, the Cardiff-based manufacturer of printed segmented electroluminescent (pSEL™) displays, is the driving force behind the new Kameleon III range of universal remote controls, created by One For All®. Pelikon's pSEL™ flexible display and driver technology is integral to this new range of products, which are some of the world's slimmest battery-operated universal remote controls.
The Kameleon III range comprises of the Kameleon 5, Kameleon 8 and Kameleon 11 products. Respectively, these universal remote controls can operate 5, 8 and 11 devices within the home, ranging from a DVD through to home lighting (additional One For All® products are required for lighting operation). The ultra slim remote, complete with attractive touch screen display, intuitively shows only the controls relevant to a particular operation. This removes much of the confusion and complication associated with multi-function remote controls.
Pelikon's pSEL™ Intuitive Touch Displays, incorporating printed segmented electroluminescence (pSEL™), are used to create the remote control's eye-catching, intuitive, segmented touch screen displays. Pelikon driver electronics have been developed to optimise the performance of all pSEL™ displays enabling displays to look great and last longer.
By implementing pSEL™, One For All® is able to make use of a vastly simplified, colourful interface, made relevant to usage or function. The flexible display can convey complex information clearly using nested menus to guide the user through their interaction with a product, only displaying the relevant detail at each stage of the process.
"Everyone has far too many remote controls, the One For All® Kameleon III remote controls aim to tackle this problem by offering a streamlined, simplified way of controlling home entertainment equipment," said Mike Powell, CEO, Pelikon. "This is the third generation of products we have worked on with One For All®, and they are all a prime example of how Pelikon's pSEL™ Intuitive Touch Display and drivers can create intelligent consumer electronic devices. A combination of eye catching, intuitive display technology and cutting edge design has resulted in Kameleon III."
Hear Pelikon present at Printed Electronics USA 2006 in December at Phoenix. See External Link for details.

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Posted on: November 14, 2006

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