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Huge Growth of IDTechEx's Printed Electronics USA 2012 event

More than 1500 people attended the world leading Printed Electronics USA 2012 event in Santa Clara, CA earlier this month. The event featured 116 exhibitors, up more than 32% on the previous year.
Attendees each received a sample of Origami Electronics - which consisted of printed circuits on traditional paper, which only become functional when the device is correctly folded - the design of the folded paper is part of enabling the functionality of the circuit. In addition the event featured Demonstration Street - the world's largest collection of printed electronics products in one place and more than 100 presentations ranging from Disney to United Technologies to Diageo, along with full coverage of all the enabling technologies.
Ken Vartanian, Director of Marketing at Optomec, who exhibited at the show, commented, "The 2012 IDTechEx Printed Electronics Conference held in Santa Clara was "electric" this year. New concepts, such as Disney's presentation on interactive touch sensors, sparked all of our imaginations on how to bring existing infrastructure and products to life using Printed Electronics. And with more suppliers exhibiting real solutions from materials to 3D Printed was good to see how our industry is starting to mature. The Optomec booth was busy non-stop from the dawn to dusk speaking with prospects who have identified application needs for printed electronics. IDTechEx remains the premier venue for attendees to learn about latest developments and to find real world solutions in Printed Electronics."
Exciting comments on twitter feeds during the show included:
ArjoWiggins Creative Lab (@AWCreativeLab) - "Excellent impact and many questions. We had so many visitors, a lot of work is waiting for us"
Mary Ruppert Stroescu (@mystyle4u) - "Incredibly inspirational companies working with printed electronics here at IDTechEx."
Attending the event, JaeRin Kim of InkTec Korea commented, "You and all members at IDTechEx deserve to receive full compliment for making the PE industry achieve tipping point faster."
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