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Transparent conductive films, touch surfaces and haptics at TCF LIVE!

IDTechEx are pleased to launch TCF LIVE! - a new conference and tradeshow covering the latest technologies and application of transparent conductive films (TCF) - covering raw materials through to the full range of applications. The event, held on April 17-18 in Berlin, Germany, is part of the flagship IDTechEx Printed Electronics Europe 2013 event, with more than 1500 attendees and 120 exhibitors.
Graphene, Carbon Nanotubes, Silver, PEDOT ....
TCF LIVE! appraises the existing TCF technologies such as indium Tin Oxide (ITO) versus the emerging alternatives. Many material alternatives are being developed, with most getting market traction in applications where ITO is not feasible, and a small amount displacing a segment of the ITO market share. Presenters cover the latest work with these new materials, from companies such as Cambrios, Nanogap, University of Cambridge, Graphene Laboratories, Henkel and DuPont as some examples. Attendees will learn where these CF technologies are viable and progress in each market. Samsung, Philips, Panasonic and others will cover TCF needs in displays, lighting and PV.
From Touch Surfaces to Haptics
The new flexible transparent conductors are enabling new applications - such as touch surfaces in vehicles to consumer electronics. Hear the latest on touchscreen modules but beyond that learn from organisations such as Synaptics, Displax, Tactonic Technologies on smart touch "skins". Progress with adding haptics to surfaces for tactile feedback will be covered in presentations on electroactive polymers (EAP) and alternative technologies.
Uniquely, you will hear the full story per market segment. Potential end-users and investors will initially outline the opportunities, requirements, scaling concerns, price points, etc. Academics/experts and suppliers will then discuss the latest progress and challenges facing TCF per application area.
For more information, see and register early for the best discounts. This IDTechEx event, to be held on April 17-18 in Berlin, is co-located with Printed Electronics Europe 2013 and attendees will have access to ALL sessions, covering related topics such as displays, lighting, PV, sensors and more - from materials to manufacturing. Most importantly, the needs and applications are examined in depth with a wide-range of end-users from Abbot to Ravensburger presenting on their experiences.
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