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INTRASME Electric Vehicle Opportunity Workshop

The large annual IDTechEx Printed Electronics Europe event in Berlin continues to add co-located events that are relevant. There will be sessions on Photovoltaics (particularly thin film and flexible), Energy Harvesting and Storage, Graphene Live, Supercapacitors Europe and other attractions.
The main exhibition and conferences run from 17-18 April with masterclasses on 16 and 19 April. Also on 19 April, IDTechEx is delighted to host the first INTRASME Electric Vehicle Opportunity Workshop 2013 which will now be a free session for a full day by INTRASME, an EU Seventh Framework project that started in October last year and a project in which IDTechEx is a partner.
INTRASME (Innovative Transport SME Support Action) aims at improving the capacity of European Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to develop and implement innovative solutions in the Low Carbon and Smart Mobility sectors and examines the changing role that SMEs play in the transport sector.
INTRASME is a European Commission funded project to get new ideas on electric vehicles to market, quickly. The focus is on SMEs seeking to exploit emerging opportunities. The project identifies what barriers businesses face in research and commercialisation, publishes case-studies of successful firms, hosts events to foster clusters of vehicle manufacturers and establishes a common platform for support.
IDTechEx is one of the partners of the project. Other partners are the European Business and Innovation Centre Network from Belgium, Coventry University, MIRA LTD, Innovation Bridge Consulting from the UK, Ricerca sul Sistema Energetico and IFEVS from Italy and Warsaw University of Technology from Poland. Details about INTRASME partners can be found here: External Link.
We believe that SMEs are in an advantageous position to develop innovative products/services and join the emerging Electric Vehicle supply chain. SMEs have inherent characteristics that allow them to deliver innovative products to the market in a "fast and furious" paradigm which does not necessarily rely on the processes of the traditional internal combustion engine vehicle supply chain. The INTRASME project expands on the traditional "only car" and "only land" focus on electric vehicles to include a broader scope on land, air and water, pure and hybrid electric vehicles.
The workshop focuses on innovative European SMEs currently operating in the Electric Vehicle Industry, who will present to other SMEs and other major players in the EV supply chain the technology and business model they have developed, what barriers they have faced, how they plan to overcome their present challenges and how they are finding support to do it. IDTechEx will present current and future technology opportunities that we have identified in the EV supply chain. Furthermore the R&D funding support provided for SMEs from the EU 7th Framework Programme and opportunities technology development from the forthcoming Horizon 2020 Programme will be showcased. If you are a European SME developing or planning to develop technology that will supply to the Electric Vehicle supply chain, this is the workshop you can not afford to miss. The European Commission funded workshop is free to interested parties.
Who should attend this event:
• Current and potential European SMEs in the electric vehicle industry
• Major players in the electric vehicle supply chain in general
• European electric vehicle associations
• European electric vehicle R&D and innovation clusters
• Local, regional and national government representatives of member states of the European Union
This is the first one of a series of workshops organized by INTRASME project, a second workshop will focus on the opportunities for SMEs in the emerging Smart Mobility Industry.
In addition, participants of the workshop will have access to IDTechEx's co-located 2 day conferences on the 17th - 18th April with a 40% discount on the full price or 1 day (18th April) free access to the Tradeshow.
1. To have access to these discounts first register in the INTRASME website
2. And after confirmation of registration please request the discount by emailing:
The discount applies only to participants that comply with the profile of the target audience of the workshop

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