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First printed lab-on-chip system announced

BIOIDENT Technologies Inc., a developer of printed optoelectronic solutions for life sciences and a finalist of the IDTechEx Printed Electronics 2007 Awards, announced the industry's first complete, functional lab-on-a-chip system - the PhotonicFlowTM System. The first application of the PhotonicFlowTM System announced this week is comprised of a multiwell chip, a handheld device controller and readout software. The system combines printed semiconductors with various lab-on-chip technologies. The company can now has the ability to develop disposable lab-on-a-chip solutions that eliminate the need for expensive and bulky readout systems, enabling cost-effective mobile diagnostics and analysis.
The system expands upon the previously announced nanotiter plate prototype - a 1"x3" multiwell chip with a fully integrated photodetector array based on printed semiconductor technology with a dedicated pixel under each well on the chip. This array converts light into electrical
signals, enabling real-time analysis on multiple agents. The new components of thePhotonicFlowTM System are the handheld device controller for electronic readout of the signals from the photodetector and the readout software for analytics and calibration.
This new prototype eliminates the need for large, expensive external readout systems being used today and opens up new opportunities for applications in medical in-vitro diagnostics, chemical/biological threat detection and water testing.
Medical sensors are a huge market. For example, each year over 2 billion glucose sensors are used. These, and many other sensors, are used once while the reader is used many times. Printing electronic sensors can reduce their cost and enable faster manufacturing times and the ability to cheaply do small batches of different sensors.
Dr. Wasiq Bokhari, CEO for BIOIDENT Technologies reports, "This system provides our partners a fast path to deliver new point of care tests that are easy to use and cost effective for end users. By integrating the PhotonicFlowTM System with their existing devices, assays and reagents, our partners can rapidly develop highly sensitive and
multiplexed diagnostics across multiple markets. This is truly a next generation mobile lab that is set to transform current diagnostics and analysis testing across multiple markets."
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