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Printed RFID Tags from Paru Korea

At the recent Printed Electronics Europe conference, 330 delegates attended. It was staged by IDTechEx at Cambridge University in the UK and Dr. Gyoujin Cho of Sunchon National University and Paru Co in Korea presented on "All Printed RFID Tags". This involves experimental work employing roll to roll processes.
Source Sunchon National University
Polyimide and polyester substrates have been used, with PAN Ag conductors, epoxy dielectrics and Single-walled carbon nanotubes SWNT as semiconductors. Polyanilene is of interest because of its useful range of conductance and potentially low cost when printed in thin layers. Forlations with 50-100 S/cm have been made.
For semiconductors, they see the options as follows, though this omits the amorphous inorganic compounds being studied by Can, Toppan Printing, Hewlett Packard and others and we note that Merck won the IDTechEx prize for materials with a 3.5 cm2/vs printed polymer at the conference. Mobility is in cm2/vs:
Polymeric memory has also been studied that can be used with the RFID.
Dr Cho promised an all printed HF RFID tag "in the near future". For the conference proceedings click here.
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