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Slow Progess Towards Tech Ready Apparel

At the IDTechEx conference Printed Electronics Europe, Cambridge University, 17-18 April, Alberto de Conti of Levi Strauss & Co. discussed the rather slow progress towards tech ready apparel.
He said that advanced applications in day-to-day apparel will be accepted by, and sold to, a critical mass of consumers only when:
1. They truly meet consumer's needs and aspirations (no gadgetry)
2. New materials and applications allow for flexible, discreet, concealable and silhouette-friendly solutions
3. Overall durability and compatibility with garment manufacturing is substantially improved
4. Ways to embed the right functionality at the right price can be found.
Levi's® brand's quest for profitable, superior-quality products will continue, in the hope that it will lead to the identification of new business models that extend the opportunity beyond the apparel and textile industry and shape cross-industry bonds.
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