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Conductive Compounds Announces New Products for Medical Electrodes

Conductive Compounds Inc. (CCI), a worldwide provider of conductive and resistive inks, coatings and adhesives, announced yesterday two silver chloride (AgCl) inks for medical diagnostic sensor applications.
The conductive inks are specifically designed for use on defibrillator pads, as well as disposable EEG and EKG sensors. The two products, AGCL-510 and AGCL-675C, are optimized for gravure/flexographic and screen printing and can also be used in pad printing.
The inks have excellent adhesion to polyester, polyimide, polycarbonate, vinyl, urethane and other plastic substrates, as well as silver filled printed ink traces. They also have excellent crease resistance and surface hardness. The AGCL-675C product is designed to optimize the electrode surface contact area for applications such as defibrillator pads by providing a rough, textured surface after drying.
Both inks can be custom blended in order to adjust resistance values to achieve the required level of electrical conductivity and to adjust the level of chloride to silver. The solvent systems and rheology can also be adjusted to optimize the inks for different printing press configurations. Custom formulations are also available for applications where an "off-the-shelf" product will not provide the performance required.
CCI already supplies product to manufacturers of FDA-approved equipment. The company's support of the medical market builds on 12 years of worldwide experience in producing conductive and resistive inks and adhesives for membrane switches, EL panels, touch screens, RFID and cell phone antennas, EMI/RFI shielding and other rigid and flexible circuits for electromechanical assemblies. CCI also manufactures UV curable encapsulants, sealants and dielectrics, thermal cured adhesives and potting materials, as well as radio opaque inks. Its products are sold into medical, automotive, aerospace, military, consumer electronics, industrial electronics and appliance applications worldwide.
Commented Don Banfield, Conductive Compounds founder and product manager, "Our objective is to become the provider of choice for manufacturers of diagnostic equipment that require biosensors or conductive materials for interface circuitry, such as membrane switches and keypads. We know that we have to be competitive to succeed, so we are offering aggressive pricing, custom product development, outstanding tech support and product shipping within 24 to 48 hours after an order is received."
All Conductive Compounds research and development and manufacturing is done at its Londonderry, N.H. facility.. Both AGCL-510 and AGCL-675C formulations are available immediately. For product information on Conductive Compounds' full line of inks and adhesives visit:
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About Conductive Compounds
Conductive Compounds Inc., founded in 1994, specializes in electrically conductive and resistive inks, electrically conductive and thermally conductive adhesives, thermally conductive potting compounds, electrically conductive and resistive coatings, and ultraviolet-cured dielectrics, encapsulants and conformal coatings and radio opaque inks for electronics and medical diagnostics. Its materials are used to manufacture membrane switches, EL panels, touch screens, medical sensors, cell phone and RFID antennas, rigid and flex circuits, and for EMI/RFI shielding and thermal management of electromechanical assemblies. The company specializes in custom-developing products to customers' specifications and in providing unsurpassed technical support and customer service. For further information call 603-437-6221 or visit External Link.
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