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Largest Printed Semiconductor Photodetector Array

NANOIDENT claims world's largest printed semiconductor photodetector array

NANOIDENT Technologies AG of Linz, Austria, says it has delivered the world's largest printed semiconductor-based photodetector array on a flexible PET foil substrate. The array, which converts light into electrical signals, was developed with the NANOIDENT Semiconductor 2.0 platform and manufactured at the NANOIDENT Organic Fab (OFAB). NANOIDENT says its OEM partners can now realize application-specific, cost-effective, printed semiconductor-based photodetector arrays that eliminate the need for costly optical filters and can be used in a wide variety of new industrial, medical and security applications.
The NANOIDENT Semiconductor 2.0 platform serves as the core technology foundation for a range of application-specific printed semiconductor platforms and products. With its platform, NANOIDENT was able to manufacture a large-area photodetector array by depositing thin layers of conducting and semiconducting "inks" onto a plastic foil substrate using state-of-the-art printing techniques. By using printed semiconductor-based technology which enables unique mechanical, electro-optical and structural properties the company was able to deliver an array 18 x 12cm in size, and says it could easily produce detectors up to 50 x 50cm or larger. With large-area, ultra-thin, flexible devices that incorporate application specific spectral properties, customers are able to eliminate expensive optical filters and develop an entirely new class of application types. Sample applications for large-area photodetector arrays include industrial measurement and test, medical imaging and security screening.
"One of our industrial customers came to NANOIDENT requesting a radical new photodetector array design for a specific industrial application that could not be delivered with silicon," said Klaus Schroeter, CEO of NANOIDENT."Working together, we were able to deliver the industry's first large-area array on a flexible substrate that includes specific spectral sensitivity and meets other application-specific requirements. We are excited to deliver this solution, which will transform existing test processes as well as create an entirely new application for the industrial market."
NANOIDENT's Semiconductor 2.0 platform is the core technology for all NANOIDENT vertical market platforms and is comprised of four core intellectual property (IP) elements, which include liquid conductive and semiconductive materials IP, design and simulation IP, production processes and quality assurance IP and functional component IP. The Semiconductor 2.0 platform enables the design and mass production of printed semiconductor-based functional components, such as photo detectors, light emitting diodes, transistors, resistors, capacitors and interconnects. With NANOIDENT's new printed semiconductor production process, devices can also be manufactured in hours rather than weeks.
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