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Learn about printed sensors at Printed Electronics USA

The 10th edition of Printed Electronics USA is only a few weeks away, and this year represents a unique opportunity to learn about printed, organic and flexible sensors.
This IDTechEx conference is focused on business and, with 2,000 attendees expected and more than 150 exhibiting companies, it will offer plenty of opportunities to interact with the main players in the industry.
Here is an overview of what is in the programme on the topic of printed sensors.

Biosensors: the multi billion dollar market

Blood glucose self-monitoring has helped millions of people to control their diabetes. It works by inserting a glucose test strip - a disposable biosensor - into a portable electronic reader. These sensors can be manufactured in high volumes and low-cost by printing the layers that are needed for the sensing electrodes (conductive inks and enzymes). As part of the conference opening keynotes, LifeScan (a Johnson & Johnson company and a major supplier of glucose test strip in America) will give a talk on "Printed Electronics in the Multi Billion Dollar Diagnostics and Healthcare Market".
GSI Technologies will also be present at the event. The Illinois-based company is a print house specialising in electronics and biomedical devices, and produces more than 1 billion blood glucose sensors per year.
Other types of printed biosensors are being developed. The University of the West of England and its European partners have recently achieved a milestone by integrating a printed cholesterol sensor with a printed battery and a printed display. This work will be presented at Printed Electronics USA and attendees will be able to see an early prototype of the device.


On November 22, there will be for the first time a masterclass dedicated to printed sensors and actuators. Participants will learn about the technology, target markets and value proposition of these new devices. They will interact directly with a panel of speakers who are experts in their field. This includes:
  • Dr James Biggs, Senior Research Scientist at ViviTouch
  • Dr Joseph Stetter, President and CTO of KWJ Engineering, Inc
  • Prof Tony Killard (University of the West of England), coordinator of the European project SIMS (Smart Integrated Miniaturised Sensor System)

Sensor integration and technology

In the conference tracks and on the tradeshow floor, you will hear about the latest developments in the industry.
'Smart labels' is a hot topic and companies like PARC and Thinfilm will present their roadmap on how to make smart labels a reality. Thinfilm has recently demonstrated a prototype of an integrated printed sensor tag:
The temperature sensing element on the tag uses nanosilicon technology from PST Sensors, who is also exhibiting at the event.
Printed photodetectors is another disruptive technology. ISORG, based in France, has started building a dedicated production line to make printed photodetectors commercially available. For the second year in a row, they will be at Printed Electronics USA to meet end-users and show what their technology can enable.
You will also find out about the latest research on wearable electrochemical sensors, artificial electronic skin, or how NASA will harness carbon nanotubes to make the next-generation of printed sensors.
This year Printed Electronics USA will gather many companies involved in sensors across the whole value-chain. Meet established sensor manufacturers like Interlink Electronics, or start-up companies such as Tactonic. Address your design, prototyping or integration needs by establishing partnerships with industry experts and veterans. Specialized materials and chemicals suppliers will of course be there, including EMD Chemicals, Brewer Science, or Solvay Specialty Polymers.
Printed Electronics USA will take place at the Santa Clara Convention Center. For more information on the conference, tradeshow and masterclasses, visit External Link.

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Posted on: October 23, 2013

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