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PolyIC Demonstrate Organic 64 bit Memory RFID tag

This week PolyIC demonstrated a 32 bit and 64 bit memory organic RFID tag operating at HF (13.56MHz). This is their latest significant development since demonstrating an HF tag with 8 bits of memory working at a read range of 7.5cms.
Speaking to Raghu Das of IDTechEx in Frankfurt this Tuesday, Wolfgang Mildner, Managing Director, said importantly this device is based on polythiophene, which has previously been difficult to create large memory circuits with, making the accomplishment even more important. The power requirement to drive such large memory has some impact on the read range. The tag, made in their clean room, demonstrates larger memory RFID tags are achievable.
Wolfgang Mildner gave an excellent presentation covering his company's progress so far at the printed RFID conference. He described how technical challenges for the improvement of organic thin film transistor circuits are often simplified to a few parameters such as mobility and feature size of the transistors, but in reality there are over 40 parameters and changing one often effects the others. Some of these are listed below:
  • Logic: Basic components, circuit design, circuit modeling and simulation
  • Chemicals/material: Mobility, work function, contact resistance, region-regularity, adequate solvents
  • Physics: influence of channel width and length, capacities (e.g. overlap), interfaces, ambient conditions (temperature, humidity, oxygen)
  • Geometric: Dimensions, layer thickness (conductor, semi-conductor, dielectric)
  • Printing: Formulation, process, throughput, scale-up, quality control
To date, he described some of their other achievements as follows; low voltage operation (10 to 20 volts), sub 20 micron channel width, 20 meters per minute roll to roll printing, establishment of simulation and modeling software, quality control procedures, passing of the standard silicon 85/85/85 test (85 hours at 85 degrees Celsius at 85% humidity) and significant materials development.
PolyIC initially intends to make and sell RFID tags which will be at HF and up to 4 bits of memory. To learn more, PolyIC will be presenting at the IDTechEx Printed Electronics Asia and Printed Electronics USA events.

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Posted on: June 6, 2007

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